Friday, December 15, 2006

The machine

In the Land of Monrovia the American dream is as much alive within the antique glass-eyed dolls lining the empty small stores of its 1950s modelled down-town as it is in the young boys and girls who stagger down the streets with long hair that shelters their eyes from the light of the moon. They giggle and cuddle together as the white wires from their ears non-challantly swing beneath their chins. Not far away the crunching of massive rocks can be heard from the gravel pits that spew dark brown chocolate clowds into the night air. The long conveyer belts push and pull the boulders up into monsterous looking machinery. The metal framework towers above the huge valley of decay as a prehistoric reminder of nature's process. Push and Pull...Push and Pull...create and destroy.
The humm of a small dirt-bike tinkers outside the window of a small house. Behind the curtains a few feet from a neglected bed with sheets sprawled in every direction sits a 24 year old individual, too old to be a boy, to young to be a man. He knows that the only thing loud enough to dround out the voice of nature and its harsh repetitiveness is the humm that streams from his small 6 inch computer speakers. He lets the music play...
So I decided that for my songs of the week I will choose a specific dynamic, idea, or picture that they line up with for my life in that week. This week the theme was the machine:
5. We are Scientists "It's a Hit"- "And I still don't understand understand...what this whole things about..."
For those who like: Wolf Parade, Bloc Party, The Whitest Boy Alive
4. Mason Jennings "United States Global Empire"- I love this artist and his perspective on life. Definately captures the emotion of "The Machine"
For those who like: Bob Marley, Ben Harper, Sufjan Stevens
3. Beck "Guess I'm Doing Fine"- May I just say that I am not the biggest Beck fan but "SeaChange" is by far one of the most brilliant CDs ever made.
For those who like: Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Neil Young
2. The Most Serene Republic "Content was always my favorite color" This song makes me feel like the world revolves around me.
For those who like: Broken Social Scene, Stars, Air
1. Jeremy Enigk "World Waits"- "World will wait for ever, ever, take the time, don't break my heart...been running" If I could sum up this period in my life in one song this would be it.
For those who like: pure Beauty....The Fire Theft, Mewithoutyou

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Jim Krill said...

This was a beautiful post. You are a great writer Jon... thanks for contributing your thoughts.