Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Carol

He brushes the dusty grave with his hand to reveal words worn with the weathers of the seasons. The words are faded but their engraving still sits among the granite stone: "Theodore Ted Byyny 1920-1986, beloved husband and father...Faith was his Victory" He presses his fingers into the words as he carefully nudges tiny windmills, candy-canes, and Christmas presents to the edges of the headstone. A single wind-mill twists to the breeze of a brisk winter afternoon. After 10 years they still visit the grave and decorate it every year. To the sides are other graves with unheard of names. They sit vacant in a stark comparison to this grave covered with its stuffed animals, christmas stockings, and a single bottle of Knotts Berry Farm Blueberry jam. Many of the graves have been forgotten long before. Not far away stands another family decorating a fresh grave. A single mother with two little children gathers the distracted youth together to concentrate their attention on the grave in front of them. They scatter tinsel across the grave and assemble a small fake Christmas tree. As she tries to bring some element of a family together during the holidays, she puts her arms around them both and attempts to withhold a single tear as it escapes and creeps painstakingly down her face. She thinks, "If only he could be with us right now."
My top ten Christmas songs
10. Every single song on the Chipmunks Christmas album. Grandma used to play it for me...
9. Fiona Apple "Frosty the Snowman" Only Fiona could take a song about an innocent little snowman and make me feel like I've ruined her life.
8. Dave Matthews "Christmas Song" just because this one will always hold a special place in my heart.
7. Louis Armstrong "Winter Wonderland" Louis, please sing me to sleep with your frog-like voice.
6. Jimmy Eat World "12.23.95" Like wrapping yourself in Christmas lights plugging them in and then doing the dance of sugarplumb fairies in the middle of a snowfield.
5. John Lennon "Happy X-mas" because this song will always apply to wars and peace.
4. Anathallo "Celebrate" Favorite line: "Redemption Ringing in his lonely ears...Celebrate our imperfections"
3. Death Cab for Cutie "Christmas(Baby please come home)" Death Cab cover of a U2 song? Does it get any better?
2. Dean Martin and Doris Day "Baby it's cold outside" It makes us all feel elegant and slutty at the same time.
1. Sufjan Stevens "That was the worst Christmas ever" Come on, I mean the guy KNOWS Christmas. After so many Christmas albums and bells he should.

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Curtis said...

Hey, your Auntie & I read this tonight. Found it searching Dad's name. We are very touched by your writing. Thank you, your grandfather would have been very proud of you.
Love Uncle Curt