Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bengbu return

I find myself sitting in a loud, crazy internet cafe writing today. I've been sick the first half of the day and spent a few hours just lounging around. After 4 days in Bengbu, I'm exhausted! I have to say that it is well worth it. Returning to Bengbu in many ways has been returning to where I needed to go. Yesterday I stood in my old teaching building lecturing to over 60 students about social enterprise. It was very exciting to see their responses and interest to the subject. I shared with them about my experiences with Acirfa and about how they might be able to apply such concepts to their professional life in China.
I have been able to meet with members of my church this week, former students, and old school administrators/friends. Each time the response has been overwhelming: each person is pretty surprised at how far my Chinese has come. It's exciting to get to spend time with others and actually speak the language of their heart. The bottom line that I have learned is that without learning another's language, it is extremely difficult to ever really understand another's needs, their desires, and the role we should play in their growth.

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