Thursday, November 27, 2008


Public fairs are typically a mecca for greesy food, dirty mullets, and fat people that are too concerned with "Gettin their ferris wheel on" to see outside the walls of their R.V.s.
So what happens when someone dares to challenge the status quo of the county fair system to encourage healthy, internationally-driven food services? Did I mention they give 50% of their profits to charity?
You get Collosal Gelato making a collosal difference.
Matt Holguine, hailing from San Luis Obispo labored years to get this project started and has now done six months in the trenches telling people about the cause of Collosal Gelato.
Matt Holguin, an entrepreneur at heart, has done everything from modelling on MTV to visiting over 100 countries in the past four years. One of his trips took him to a few months living in Italy studying the art of gelato with an Italian family. He then came back to California to try and open a shop. Challenged with the opposition of building codes, large initial investments, and other red tape, Holguin finally decided that his best mode for getting the business started was to purchase a trailer and sell at country fairs. This would be his means to the end of eventually owning his own shop.
As he began to purchase equipment and reserve space for fairs, his brother, a local engineer and designer, began to build blueprints for the trailer. Creativity and innovation eventually enraptured the two as they formed the dream for the most unique trailer at the county fair. Built as a Roman Colliseum, Collosal Gelato's bright Disneyesque motif displays large cartoons of Roman soldiers and bursts with large energy-saving bulbs that light the midnight skies of the already bright country fairs.
"This industry was just so eager for change. I did one fair and now I get calls from all over the place ASKING ME to come to their fair. I think we've underestimated the heart of the human soul and that people at these events really can care about their health and the world's needs," states Holguin.
What many don't realize about Gelato is it's great nutritional value over Ice Cream. An average serving of gelato offers less than half the calories of a typical Coldstone creamery meal. In addition, Colossal offers a family serving of gelato, which they hope will encourage families to share their servings, reducing the average ammount each member of the family consumes.
Beyond nutritional details, Matt has long been a supporter of World Vision International after interning with them while attending undergrad. He now donates over 50% of his profits to World Vision, a strong sign of Holguin's commitment to changing not only the county fair community, but the greater needs of the world.
In a world in which the fattest pig wins, it looks one guy is changing not only the way people eat, but the way they think, as well.

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