Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thoughts on the revolt of society

Last night for 7 minutes I watched two naked European men wrestle in quite possibly some of the most awkward positions that even porn stars would possible blush at. Yes, my friends, I saw Borat, and not gonna lie...I laughed every minute of it. Am I recommending it as a movie, well, not exactly. I do believe, however, that Borat signifies a huge movement within our society and its critique of itself.
In the world of Hollywood where anti-semitism, gay rights, racial and gender equality are all subjects similar to that booger just barely hanging on the tip of the nose of the stranger that you are speaking with, Borat made the choice to not only point the booger out but also scrape it from the face and stick it in his mouth. My friends, Oversensivity and polical correctness is no longer cool. So has begun a new era in which taking on the weaknesses of others through mimicing has begun their downfalling critique.

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Ron Werner said...

Erin and I went to see it on opening night....and yes- laughed our asses off. Although we did wonder if the young (adolescent)audience grasped the Colbert-esque satire, social commentary, and sad reality the way we did. If not, I pray that racism and bigotry do not prevail.

It is funny how I often find myself humming along to the tune of "throw the jew down the well" from Borat a la Da Ali G show.

Crazy Funny...well, at least Borat accepted Jesus into his heart- hahahaha. Oh dear.

Hope all is well man...I miss you.